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In 2007, the U.S. entertainment software industry lost more than $3 billion to global piracy, according to the Entertainment Software Association. The next year, the IFPI found that 95% of all music downloads were illegal. With pirated copies of digital entertainment goods—movies, TV programming, music, games and e-books—flooding the Internet daily, the lost revenues keep mounting. Consumers, having downloaded the content or purchased DVDs or CDs online, are too often left with substandard bootleg recordings—eroding their trust in the industry.

Game producers face additional challenges, as scammers and criminals launch phishing and malware attacks, stealing user IDs and passwords to impersonate customers and exploit their friends. Meanwhile, brand abusers illegally host copyrighted games on private servers. And nearly all of these industries suffer lost revenues and damaged licensee relationships when cybercriminals sell counterfeit t-shirts, caps, and other items based on popular sports brands, movies, and other properties.

To stop the diversion of lost revenues, re-establish confidence and bring order to an industry which is undergoing dramatic change as it moves online, entertainment and media companies can put the counterfeiters and pirates on notice—and bring their exploits to a halt. How MarkMonitor® can help.

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