Brand Protection ROI

Smart strategies, measurable results


With marketing investments, revenues and brand reputations at stake, companies can no longer rely on ad hoc point solutions or a passive “it’s-just-the-cost-of-doing-business” approach to online brand abuse. Forward-thinking corporations are recognizing the intrinsic value of protecting their brands online, and are taking advantage of advanced technologies that can tackle the problem strategically and deliver immediate and compelling ROI.

“You may not completely eliminate the problem, but you can certainly make a dent that brings positive ROI — not just in dollars, but also in the trust that your customer places in your brand. That's the most important asset that companies need to protect.”

Measurable results that deliver to the bottom line

MarkMonitor® works with clients across a range of industry sectors to develop robust online brand protection strategies that deliver significant and measurable ROI.

A consumer electronics manufacturer enjoyed estimated returns of $9.8 million by removing over 35,000 counterfeit listings on the Internet. How we did it:

  • 45,000 listings detected
  • 35,000 listings removed
  • 63% enforcement success rate
  • 5,000+ infringers
  • $9.8M in revenues saved

A leading footwear company recovered a projected $8.3 million by eliminating roughly 615,000 online listings peddling fake goods. How we did it:

  • 684,000 listings detected
  • 615,000 listings removed
  • 92% enforcement success rate
  • 51,000 infringers
  • $8.3M in revenues saved

By halting over 15,000 counterfeit goods sellers on the web, a personal care manufacturer reclaims $9.3 million. How we did it:

  • 6,600 infringing domains identified and removed
  • 15,000 sellers identified
  • $9.3M in revenues saved

A leading software manufacturer restored more than $16 million by stopping more than 16,000 unique sellers of counterfeit versions of its software online. How we did it:

  • 199,000 listings removed
  • 16,000 infringers
  • 89% enforcement success rate
  • $16.3M in revenues saved

A well-known apparel company recaptured roughly $6.5 million by terminating more than 73,000 counterfeit listings on the web. How we did it:

  • 95,000 listings detected
  • 73,000 listings removed
  • 77% enforcement success rate
  • 6,000 infringers
  • $6.4M in revenues saved

ROI at a glance

MarkMonitor clients across key industry sectors saw measurable results in direct cost savings and recaptured revenue, as well as significant reductions in stolen web traffic, online fraud and unauthorized channels.


$11 million

in pirated and counterfeit goods removed from online venues—restoring legitimate revenue flow. More

Consumer Goods

$125 million

in unauthorized products removed from 20 B2B and B2C exchanges through aggressive enforcement. More

Online Services

$40 million

in cost savings from successful phish and malware shutdowns and fraudcast consumer warnings. More

Hardware & Software and Technology

$500 ,000+

in annual counterfeit trade halted on B2B exchange sites, dramatically improving control of the supply chain. More

Automotive & Industrial

$1.2 million

in counterfeit and unauthorized products removed from a single auction site in just six months. More

Travel & Hospitality

$23.5 million

In revenue increases by correcting compliance problems on 425 affiliate and franchisee sites. More

Financial Services

Savings of:

$14.8 billion

in direct losses, time and effort attributed to online brand abuse. More

All data was sourced from the MarkMonitor ROI dashboard and is based on a 12 month period. Dollar amounts and traffic are based on conservative assumptions.

Brand Protection in the Digital World


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