The Role of the CEO

Evolving your organization to meet ever-changing risks


In the digital world, powerful brands can engage customers and drive business like never before. But with the rewards come profound new risks. The anonymous, multi-faceted and global nature of online brand abuse impacts all areas of your business simultaneously. The hard and soft costs are staggering: lost revenue from pirated digital content and counterfeit goods, damage to customer experience and loyalty from brand impersonation, negative effects on marketing investments and campaign performance—the list goes on. Smart brands are evolving their structure and strategies to meet the digital challenge by partnering with brand protection experts who set the standard for protecting brands online and develop strategies that deliver demonstrable ROI.

“Online Brand Abuse is not just a legal problem or an IT problem. It's a business problem.”

As the CEO, you can:

  • Ensure that online brand protection is a high priority for your organization, with clearly defined responsibilities and accountability standards

  • Establish a cross-functional team with the resources, tools and budget to efficiently manage the problem

  • Empower your online brand protection team to develop a proactive, integrated strategy that delivers immediate ROI

How MarkMonitor can help

In the digital world, a strong reputation and customer trust are critical to drive revenue, market share and customer growth. Taking steps to protect your brand online is key to safeguarding your business. As the global leader in online brand protection with a history of innovation, MarkMonitor has developed unique insights into the nature of online brand abuse and unrivalled methodologies to combat abuse most effectively. We help smart brands—including over half of the Fortune 100—protect their brands globally across multiple digital channels. MarkMonitor delivers advanced technologies and a full range of customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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