The Role of Interactive Marketing

Protecting your marketing investments and your brand in the digital world


Interactive marketers, whose top priority is to drive business to their company website, know the power of a trusted brand. You build it, nurture it and depend on its power to drive traffic to your site—and you have every reason to protect it. As consumers move their product research and shopping online, messages are everywhere and a strong brand is essential.

Unfortunately, brandjackers—those that sabotage, impersonate or misuse brands for their own gain—have moved online as well, taking advantage of the web’s immediacy and global reach. They leverage the same online channels—search and shopping engines, social media and mobile—that you, as a savvy marketer, employ. And whether they’re outright criminals, mildly unscrupulous competitors or merely misguided affiliates, they use the power of your brand.

You, and everything you’ve built, pay the price. Lost web traffic, greater confusion and distrust amongst your customers and prospects, siphoned revenues and a tarnished brand are all by-products of brand abuse online. Your marketing campaigns, online and off, deliver less traffic to your website due to misdirection and mistrust, so marketing ROI suffers. This is your campaign effectiveness, your job performance under attack.

Successfully managing the brand you’ve worked to build and nurture means having a strategy for protecting it online. The specifics of your business—consumer or B2B, industry, sales channels and a range of other factors—will inform that strategy. But because your brand is unique, your brand’s online protection strategy will be like no other.

Interactive Marketing’s critical role. What’s also certain—interactive marketers must play a central part in initiating, defining and supporting that strategy. Other functions in the organization will help define and execute the strategy, but you, as steward of the brand, must drive it. Because your success depends so heavily on the brand’s health, you have the most at stake.

What interactive marketers need from their brand protection strategy. With the right strategy and resources in place, you can:

  • Reclaim high-value traffic from misguided affiliates—even counterfeiters and pirates. Brands are powerful tools: fully 30% of paid search ads use branded keywords. Brandjackers use your brand in paid search to lure traffic away from your site. Questionable SEO tactics and cybersquatted URLs siphon off even more. Shut down these dubious marketing tactics and take your rightful traffic—and revenues—back.

  • Improve marketing effectiveness and ROI. Brandjackers, competitors and your own affiliates bid up prices on branded paid-search keywords, driving up your costs. Affiliates re-direct your legitimate traffic and then hit you a second time with a commission payment. And web traffic interception schemes of all kinds—natural and paid search, squatted domains and more—undermine both your brand and your marketing campaign ROI. Brand protection reverses these trends, cutting costs and giving you a better return on every marketing dollar spent—online and off.

  • Protect against impersonation and false association. Trademarks, logos and other brand assets are regularly misused online, on websites, in social media and in cybersquatted URLs. Every instance can degrade your brand, confuse customers and undermine trust. Brand protection strategies let you ensure an authentic, positive brand experience and increase engagement with consumers and customers.

How MarkMonitor helps interactive marketing teams

Protecting more than half the Fortune 100 gives MarkMonitor a uniquely clear vision of online brand threats and the most effective strategies for combating them. Marketing teams depend on MarkMonitor to help them:

  • develop and evolve online brand protection strategies

  • expose and thwart web traffic interception schemes such as paid search scams and cybersquatting

  • protect the brand’s traffic-driving power—and preserve reputation and customer trust—by rooting out trademark and logo misuse

  • reclaim traffic lost to squatted domains with smart domain strategies

  • detect inappropriate affiliate activity and take action.

As the industry leader, MarkMonitor expertise in brand protection is unsurpassed. Busy marketers can rely on a full range of services, including complete, day-to-day management of monitoring, detection and enforcement activities. With MarkMonitor at their side, marketers don’t need to dedicate extensive internal resources or take months or years to develop best practices. All they need do is take those first important steps to protect their brand.

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